Our Recent Work

A sample of our recent work includes:

Outsourced Performance Audits

  • ANAO’s performance audit of the Administration of the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act, tabled in Parliament May 2016. (Vista’s role for outsourced delivery of this audit is acknowledged at paragraph 1.21, footnote 18).
  • ANAO’s performance audit of the funding and Management of the Nimmie-Caira System Enhanced Environmental Water Delivery Project, tabled in Parliament April 2015. (Vista’s role for outsourced delivery of this audit is acknowledged at paragraph 1.25, footnote 44).
  • ANAO performance audit of the Department of Health’s implementation of Diagnostic Imaging Reforms, tabled in Parliament December 2014 (Vista’s role for outsourced delivery of this audit is acknowledged at paragraph 1.21, footnote 74).
  • ANAO performance audit of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Improving Water Information Program, tabled in Parliament February 2014 (Vista’s role involved audit management and delivery and is acknowledged at paragraph 1.25).
  • ANAO’s performance audit of the Regional Delivery Model of the NHT and NAP. Examined the financial viability of the 56 regional organisations. Vista’s role is acknowledged at paragraph 1.24.

Program Evaluations and Performance Reviews

  • Evaluation of the Water Resource Plan Accrediation Process for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (2017).
  • Statutory review the performance of the Western Australia Auditor General and his Office on behalf of the Western Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Audit. The review report was delivered to the Parliament in November 2015 and is available from the Committee on request.
  • Independent evaluation of the National Environmental Research Program (NERP) (October 2013 – January 2014, available from the Department of the Environment website).
  • Independent evaluation of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (‘TERN’, June – September 2014). The evaluation involved close stakeholder engagement, an understanding of processes and accountabilities and an assessment of performance in the research environment.
  • Review for the New Zealand Auditor-General’s Office of the Pacific Association of Supreme Auditors-General (PASAI) Secretariat’s organisational structure and capability (2014).

Early Program Implementation and Assurances Reviews

  • Limited Asuurance review of ACT Shared Services for the ACT Government (2018).
  • Limited Assurance review of a water infrastructure Efficiency Pilot Programme to inform the rollout of the full program across the Murray-Darling Basin Plan for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) (2017).
  • Review and implementation of audit requirements for the National Water Commissions National Performance Report of water utilities and scoping and resourcing capacity assessments (involving liaison with jurisdictional roundtable group and urban and rural water utilities) under the $250m Raising National Water Standards program (2012).

Audit Training and Capacity Building

  • ACT Audit Office training on revised AUASB-issued ASAE 3500 Performance Engagament Standard (2018).
  • Review of ACT Audit Office methods and practices against the AUASB assurance Standards (2015).
  • Development and delivery of a tailored performance audit and compliance training program for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s new role in implementing the Basin Plan (2014).
  • Financial reporting training for the Evaluations of the National Environmental Research Program team in the Department of the Environment (2013-14).
  • Three tailored week-long performance audit training programs for the National Water Commission (2010)’s Audit and Assessment group.
  • Development of procedures and templates for the National Water Commission’s performance audit of the implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (2009-2013).

Assurance and Evaluation Frameworks

  • Development of the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) for the Department of Environment’s Science Division in 2015. This approach built on the recommendations made in Vista Advisory’s evaluation on the National Environmental Research Program (NERP) in 2013-14. Vista Advisory engaged Waratah Partners to advise on Indigenous participation and performance outcomes for the program.

Assurance and Public Sector Governance advice

  • Rebecca Smyth has been providing advice and assistance to the ACT Community Services Directorate on Internal Audit related work and matters (2018-present).
  • Vista Advisory was regarded as the National Water Commission’s on-call performance assurance and governance adviser during 2009 – 2012. The advice and assistance provided by Caroline Spencer to the Commission aided the development of the Commission’s framework for the performance audit role in the Murray-Darling Basin. During 2009 – 2012, Caroline provided the National Water Commission with strategic advice and assistance with development of the performance assurance framework.
  • Advice to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority on evaluation frameworks and other advice and assistance as required under the Authority’s Compliance and Assurance Expert Panel (2013).
  • Other assurance and governance consultancy engagements since 2003 include: Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI, through New Zealand Office of the Auditor-General, 2014), Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Governance Unit and Audit Committee Secretariat, Natural Resources Commission (NSW), Medicare Australia, amongst others.

Audit Quality Control and Quality Assurance Reviews

  • Engagement quality control (cold) reviews of performance audits at the Auditor-General’s Office South Australia (2018).
  • Independent auditor inspections and reporting for the Clean Energy Regulator, 2015-18.
  • Engagement quality control (hot) reviews of performance audits at the ACT Auditor-General’s Office, 2015.
  • Quality Assurance Review of Performance Audits for Queensland Audit Office, 2013 & 2017.
  • Assistance and quality control for the National Water Commission’s first report to Parliament reviewing parties’, implementation preparedness for the Basin Plan, 2013.
  • Advice and assurance on the ANAO’s electorate analysis for the GP Super Clinics Audit, 2013.
  • Quality review of eight performance audit engagements on behalf of the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office, 2016.

ANAO Financial Statement Audits

  • Provision of contract-in resources for the ANAO financial statement audits, 2016-2018.

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