Outsourced Performance Audits

We deliver high quality outsourced performance audits on behalf of audit offices and statutory authorities assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of public sector programs and functions. We conduct our audits in accordance with AUASB-issued ASAEs 3000 and 3500 and other relevant requirements including applicable legislative obligations and Auditor-General’s standards.

Program Evaluations and Performance Reviews

We undertake program evaluations and performance reviews – independently or with management – to assess whether programs and functions have achieved their intended outcomes. Our reviews and evaluations inform future funding decisions, program design, legislative reform and strategic direction.

Early Program Implementation and Assurances Reviews

Public sector entities engage us early in a program or process to obtain assurance that they are on track and meeting key accountability requirements. This reduces risk and promotes good practice from the start. We can confirm good practice, identify opportunities for improvement and analyse what lessons can be learned for ongoing implementation and related functions. Our reviews help entities remain focused on the objectives and to undertake future work efficiently and effectively.

Assurance and Evaluation Frameworks

We bring our unparalleled public sector assurance and governance expertise when designing audit and evaluation frameworks for public sector functions and programs. We develop fit-for-purpose risk-based approaches and tools and will assist in building team capacity for implementation.

Assurance and Public Sector Governance advice

We provide assurance and governance advice to assist public sector entities implement programs and functions (including regulatory approaches) in a risk-based manner and to better meet stakeholder expectations and withstand external scrutiny.

Audit Quality Control and Assurance Reviews

We conduct audit engagement quality control reviews (EQCRs, for audits in progress) and audit quality assurance reviews following audit completion. We conduct standards-driven assessments, grounded in real-world experience, recognising the balance between audit quality and efficiency. We make constructive, future-focused recommendations for improvement that will inform methodology development and identify any capacity building including staff development needs.

Vista Advisory’s services to government include a range of assurance and governance services:

  • Audit advice, support and training
  • Governance advice and program support, including developing audit frameworks and strategies
  • Audit preparedness assistance – for auditors or auditees
  • Financial viability assessments of funding recipients (grant and non-grant funding)
  • Analysis and advice regarding controls and program implementation
  • Program evaluation and targeted reviews

Audit Training and Capacity Building

Vista Advisory develops and delivers tailored audit, assurance and governance training program for public sector clients, incorporating both hard and soft skills for auditors and non-auditors to build organisational capacity. Vista Advisory also offers specific courses for audit offices, public sector entities with new or revised audit or accountability functions or those preparing for an audit.

  • Performance Audit Foundations (for new auditors) covers the fundamentals around how to plan, manage and conduct performance audits
  • Audit Communication (for auditors with 3+ years experience and senior audit executives – targeted and effective communication to improve audit value and results)
  • Preparing for an audit (for entities that will be audited – providing information, working with the auditor, enhancing value for your entity and its stakeholders from the audit)

Tailored audit training courses available – for compliance and other audits undertaken in accordance with AUASB assurance standards.

Beyond audit training, Vista Advisory supports agencies to enhance their own audit capability through mentoring, skills and knowledge transfer, and the development of tailored support tools (e.g. policies and procedures, methodology development, templates).